Call for Proposal (CFP) for the Appointment of Continuing Education and Training Centre(s)/ Programme Partner(s) to Provide Continuing Education and Training Programmes for the Media Sector

CFP Description:

This CFP invites training providers or organisations to submit proposals to deliver continuing education and training programmes for the Media sector.

CFP No.:


CFP Publication Date:

29 July 2021

CFP Briefing (virtual): 5 August 2021, Thursday

Time: 1500 hrs – 1700 hrs

1. Attendance for this briefing is mandatory for any organisations that are interested to participate in the CFP. The online link to the virtual briefing session will be provided upon successful registration. Interested organisations are to register for the virtual briefing with Mr Neerajvimal Haridasan at and Ms Cheryl Hariman at by 4 August 2021, Wednesday, 1200 hrs, with the following details:

a. Company Name and Company Unique Entity Number (UEN);

b. Attendees’ Name(s) and Designation(s);

c. Contact Number(s) (Mobile and/or office Direct number(s)); and

d. Email Address(es)

CFP Closing Date/Time: 18 August 2021, 1600 hrs

CFP Documents:

1) Cover Letter

2) Declaration of Proposal

3) Instructions to Proposers

4) CFP Requirement Specifications

5) Annex A

6) Annex B

7) Annex C

8) Annex D

9) Annex E

10) Annex F

11) Annex G

Contact Persons for Enquiries:

Mr Neerajvimal Haridasan at

Ms Cheryl Hariman at

Ms Jamie Fok at