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What happens after certification

Use of EduTrust Mark

EduTrust-certified PEIs may wish to display the EduTrust mark. The EduTrust mark can only be used while the EduTrust certification is valid and in corporate materials, business cards, publicity materials and EduTrust-certified PEIs’ premises. Overseas branches of EduTrust-certified PEIs are not allowed to use the EduTrust mark.

Please refer to the EduTrust Style Guide to ensure that the EduTrust mark is correctly used.


Submission of Data

FPS Data

PEIs are to submit course fee records using the Fee Protection Scheme Data File template

PEIs with one-year EduTrust Provisional award must submit the records by the 15th of August. The data should be accurate as at 1st of August.

PEIs with four-year EduTrust award must submit the records by the 15th of February. The data should be accurate as at 1st of February.


Penalties for Failure to Maintain Standards

PEIs are expected to maintain standards according to the requirements of the EduTrust Certification Scheme to remain certified. Failure to maintain standards will result in one of the following actions being taken:


An EduTrust-certified PEI may be issued a non-publishable or publishable warning for non-compliance to EduTrust requirements.


The EduTrust certification of a PEI may be suspended for up to 6 months, and the PEI may be instructed to undergo an ad-hoc assessment before reinstatement of EduTrust certification. The reinstatement is subject to any assessments and/or conditions that CPE may impose.


The EduTrust certification award may be downgraded.


The EduTrust certification may be terminated with a debarment period of 1 year.

An EduTrust-certified PEI may voluntarily withdraw from the EduTrust Certification Scheme by giving at least 14 days’ written notice to CPE. A PEI may also withdraw from the scheme by not applying for renewal and allowing the certificate to lapse after the validity period.


Review of Certification Results

The EduTrust Review process has been established to provide PEIs with an independent avenue to seek a review on the non-award or award type of their EduTrust certification.

EduTrust Review Panel

The review will be conducted by an independent EduTrust Review Panel comprising the following members with extensive experience in quality assurance processes. 

Chairman :

Ms Ng Mie Ling
Assistant Chief Executive Officer,
Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)      

Members :

Mr Patrick Lim
Director, Business & Service Excellence Division
Enterprise Singapore (ESG)


Mr Edward Quah Kok Wah
Former Deputy Principal of Administration
Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

The EduTrust Review Panel will consider both the PEI’s justifications for review and CPE’s responses to the justifications (also available to the PEI requesting the review). After deliberating on the validity of the PEI’s request, the Panel may

  • Dismiss the PEI’s request for review; or
  • Recommend a full re-assessment to be conducted with a new assessment team comprising members who were not involved in the original/previous assessment. 

The Panel’s decision shall be final. Should a re-assessment be conducted, the results of the re-assessment shall supersede the results of the original assessment, and is not subjected to further review.

Grounds for Review

The request for review must be made on the grounds that the:

  • Assessment team assigned by CPE had failed to adhere to proper procedures in carrying out its duties; and/or
  • Areas for improvement identified and the results are manifestly different from the supporting evidence presented by the PEI for the purpose of its EduTrust certification application. 
General Procedure for Submitting a Request for Review

A PEI has 14 calendar days from the date of CPE’s official notification of its EduTrust certification results to submit its request for review using the official Request for Review form. The request must be accompanied by a crossed cheque made payable to 'SkillsFuture Singapore Agency', covering the amount of the applicable review fees. Please do not submit cash payment.

The PEI may send a scanned copy of the Request for Review form to CPE_ERP@cpe.gov.sg. The original form signed by the PEI’s manager(s), and the cheque payment have to reach the Secretariat of the EduTrust Review Panel at the following address within the next seven calendar days:

The Secretariat
EduTrust Review Panel
c/o SkillFuture Singapore
Committee for Private Education Group
Private Education Regulation Division
1 Marina Boulevard #18-01
One Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018989

The PEI will have another 14 calendar days after submitting the Request for Review to submit the following to the Secretariat of the EduTrust Review Panel: 

  • Cover note signed by the manager(s) listing all documents submitted, including the representation from PEI; 
  • Representation explaining the instances, in the PEI’s opinion, that the assessment team had not adhered to procedures and/or had failed to consider information provided; and
  • Documentation and/or other evidence to substantiate the above claims; any other information deemed relevant by the PEI to justify or support its request for review. 

The EduTrust Review Panel will respond, through its Secretariat, on whether the request from the PEI has been accepted for review within 14 calendar days from the date of the Secretariat’s acknowledgement of receipt of the PEI’s submission of its representation and substantiating evidence. PEIs should note that once the request for review has been accepted by the EduTrust Review Panel, the review fees will not be refunded even if the PEI withdraws its request subsequently. 

EduTrust Review Rules

PEIs are advised to read the EduTrust Review Rules carefully before submitting their requests for review.

The EduTrust Review Panel reserves the right to reject a PEI’s request for review if the request is not received within 14 calendar days from the date of CPE’s official notification of its EduTrust certification results, and/or if the PEI fails to pay the applicable review fees or does not provide evidence to substantiate its representation within the stipulated timeframe.

The timeframe to review each PEI’s request will vary according to its complexity. Approximately, the timeframe may range from eight to 16 weeks from the PEI’s submission of the Request for Review.