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Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF)

The Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) sets the minimum standards that all Private Education Institutions (PEIs) must meet through the mandatory registration requirements. The ERF examines a PEI based on the following aspects:

Corporate Governance

The manager of a PEI is any director (if the PEI is a company), or member of its management committee (if the PEI is a registered society) and is responsible for keeping proper records, and providing information requested by CPE in a timely manner. A manager is held accountable for the PEI’s conduct and practices. The failure of a manager to fulfil his responsibilities without any reasonable excuse will be an offence, and CPE has the power to direct any PEI to suspend or remove any of its managers if they are not able to fulfil its responsibilities of duties. 

Quality of Provisions

A PEI is required to:

  1. set up an Academic Board and an Examination Board with at least three members each. The Board members are required to fulfil a prescribed set of duties and responsibilities, which include developing and reviewing polices on all academic matters and examination processes respectively ;
  2. ensure that its teachers have relevant and authentic qualifications as well as the experience in accordance with requirements ; 
  3. obtain CPE’s permission before they offer any course. Part-time certificate-level courses that are less than one month or 50 hours in duration do not require prior permission from CPE.  

It is an offence for PEIs or any persons to conduct, advertise, solicit or receive fees for courses not permitted by the CPE. Offenders may have its registration period shortened, or its registration suspended or cancelled.

Information Transparency

The ERF stipulates requirements for full information disclosure by PEIs about themselves and the services they provide, such as their registration validity period, courses offered, teachers deployed, fees, facilities and refund policy. 

In addition, information relating to PEI’s registration and its CPE-permitted courses is published on the CPE website to enable students to make informed choices in their selection of PEIs and courses.