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How do I register


A prospective PEI should familiarise itself with the registration requirements and ensure that it has the ability to meet the legislative obligations before registration. The following key information and/or documents are needed at the point of application.  CPE may request for additional information not listed below from the PEI where required. No prospective PEI is allowed to advertise, recruit students, or operate before it has been granted registration by the CPE.

Corporate status of the PEI 

  • For companies, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) bizfile;
  • For societies, the certificate of registration of society, a copy of the society’s constitution, and its latest annual report submitted to the Registry of Society. 


  • Manager’s declaration form for each manager; and
  • For a registered society, the designation of each manager in the society’s management committee. 


  • Course write-up for certificate and diploma programmes or course write-up for external degree programmes
  • Proof that the course developer or proprietor has granted the PEI permission to offer the course, if applicable;
  • Proof that the course has been validated, accredited, or offered articulation pathway, if any;
  • Details of practicum or industrial attachment, if any;
  • A sample certificate to be issued to students on completion of the course.

Additional documents for external degree programmes (EDPs)

  • Letter from Vice-Chancellor or President or equivalent of the foreign institution;
  • Profile of the foreign institution; and
  • Profile of the PEI 


Registration of PEI

Applications to register a PEI, as well as all subsequent applications to seek SSG’s approval or permission, or to update the Committee for Private Education , are to be submitted electronically via GoBusiness Licensing at  https://www.gobusiness.gov.sg/licences accessible using CorpPass. The applications must be submitted by the PEI manager.

The GoBusiness guide on registration of new PEIs (which shows the steps to register a PEI via GoBusiness), the Smart forms, and the templates to be completed and attached, can be found at our Resources and Forms page .

Renewal of Registration of PEI

Registration of a PEI is subjected to renewal. Under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), other than maintaining the registration requirements, all PEIs are required to meet the minimum credit rating requirements for renewal of registration. Every renewal period of registration will be determined by the CPE based on a basket of criteria.

Application for the renewal of registration should be submitted to the CPE at least 3 months prior to the date of expiry of the existing term of registration together with the required document(s) in the application.

  • Proof of subscription to industry-wide course fee protection (IWC) or fee protection scheme (FPS) or escrow (if applicable)
  • Validation or Accreditation Letters for externally developed courses, EDPs or accredited courses (e.g. WSQ, NITEC) (if applicable)
  • Latest ACRA printouts
  • Financial Statements for the past three years
  • Credit Rating Report of at least Band 2 (Not more than 6 months from date of ERF registration expiry)
  • Current Class Schedules for the past 6 months (with course title, module title, date, time and venue of classes, indicating who are the teachers deployed as well)
  • Manager’s Declaration Form
  • List of Students’ Details

*The document(s) listed here are not exhaustive. PEIs may be asked to produce additional information to enable CPE to better evaluate the application if deemed necessary

Renewal by Declaration

PEIs which have met the following criteria would be eligible to renew their registration via a renewal by declaration process:

   (a)  Obtained two consecutive 4 or 6-year registration periods

   (b)  Obtained credit rating of at least Band 3. The credit rating report should be dated within 6 months before the expiry of PEI’s registration. 

The diagram below illustrates the process. 

PEIs would only required to submit a declaration form and a valid credit rating report under the renewal by declaration process.

The above only applies to applicants that do not offer certifiable1 private education courses.

Only for applicants that offer certifiable private education courses:

Registration of ATO-PEIs 2

Joint applications for WSQ organisation approval and registration under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) are to be made to SSG via SkillsConnect at www.skillsconnect.gov.sg . The applicant must be the PEI’s Manager.

The ERF/WSQ OA application form and Registration Smart Form to be completed and attached can be found on our Resources and Forms page

Course Permission and Teacher Notifications

Joint applications for funding and permission to offer new certifiable private education courses are to be made to SSG via SkillsConnect at www.skillsconnect.gov.sg. Amendments to the courses and teacher deployment are to be made via SkillsConnect.  

Registration Renewal of ATO-PEIs

Existing ATO-PEIs are to apply for renewal of registration through email, upon notification by SSG. The applicant must be the PEI’s Manager.


1 See SSG’s definition of certifiable courses at https://www.skillsconnect.gov.sg/

ATO-PEIs refer to PEIs that offer Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training courses as Approved Training Organisations


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