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Implementing a Student Attendance Monitoring System

Why is this important?

  • Though learning can take place through different mediums, it is important for students to have a minimum number of face-to-face contact hours with their teachers in the private education institution (PEI). This will allow the teacher to deliver course content but also to address learning difficulties encountered by the students in the course of their studies. Hence, students’ attendance, and the monitoring of this attendance, is important to ensure that the desired learning outcomes are achieved.

What are the specific requirements?

  • Under the EduTrust Guidance Document Item 5.4.1, PEIs are required to set policy and procedures on attendance, and establish and implement a student attendance taking and monitoring system.

What was the situation before the Good Practice?

  • PEI X previously had a manual system to track the attendance of student’s pass holders on a monthly basis and another manual system to track their other students on an end-of-course basis.
  • However, the school found it was cumbersome to have 2 systems to track attendance and many mistakes were made as a result.

What did the school decide to do?

  • PEI X decided instead to capture the attendance of all its students on a weekly basis. The weekly attendance is then computed into a weekly attendance percentage for each student. At the end of each month, a monthly attendance percentage is computed based on the weekly percentages.
  • The PEI’s lecturers mark the attendance, using pre-designated symbols (such as 1 for present, 0 for absent), at the beginning of the class. When the class is over, students will sign out on the same attendance sheet. This practice ensures that students stay for the whole lesson and allows students to verify that their attendance has been marked correctly by the lecturer.
  • The attendance is marked in ink and no correction fluid is allowed.
  • PEI X follows-up by issuing warning letter(s) to students with poor attendance.

How did the school benefit?

  • By tracking every student’s attendance on a weekly basis, PEI X is able to have one system to keep track of its two different attendance requirements - one for the student’s pass holders and one for local students.
  • As students are able to verify that their attendance had been marked correctly by the lecturer, disputes over attendance between students and the PEI are reduced.
  • As a result of the close monitoring conducted by the PEI, timely intervention to address a student’s poor attendance can be carried out.