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Monitoring of Student Learning Outcomes

Why is this important?

  • A system of monitoring student learning outcomes allows a PEI to apply the necessary interventions to help students meet the requirements and expectations of the course they enrol in. 
  • This will improve the students’ learning experience and increase students’ satisfaction with the PEI.

What are the specific requirements?

  • According to EduTrust Item 5.4.2, a PEI is required to implement a learning support process, including intervention measures if required, to ensure students achieve the desired learning outcomes. 
  • Where possible, PEIs should also report the students’ academic progress to their parents/guardians.

What was the situation before the good practice?

  • Most PEIs would only compile and release the students’ results to the students at the end of the course. 
  • There was usually no monitoring of the students’ performance during the course or feedback to the students. 
  • Parents/guardians were also rarely notified of the students’ performance either during the course or after the course was completed.

What did some schools decide to do?

  • Some PEIs require their teachers to report periodically on the academic performance of their students, especially the weaker students, to their academic department heads.  This allows the PEI to develop suitable academic interventions to help the students improve while the course is still on-going.  This requirement to report is also crafted as part of the teachers’ job duties and as a key performance indicator to convey its importance.
  • Other PEIs supplement this with intervention actions after the students’ results have been released.  Teachers would explain key areas of weakness to the students and provide extra lessons to help students improve. 
  • Some PEIs also counsel their weaker students to find out the reasons for their poor performance. 
  • To motivate students, some PEIs have even engaged motivational speakers to encourage the weaker students to take greater responsibility for their own performance.
  • Some PEIs have also established an online system that allows parents/guardians to monitor the progress and performance of students, e.g., academic results, class participation and attendance, in a real-time manner, anytime, anywhere.  The online system also acts as an additional communication channel between the PEIs and the parents/guardians to inform them of school news and events.

How did the schools benefit?

  • With a monitoring system in place, PEIs were able to improve the academic performance of their students. 
  • The improvement in results contributed to improved student satisfaction as well as the reputation of the PEIs for helping students achieve their desired academic outcomes. 
  • The relationship between the PEIs and the parents/guardians also improved with better communication and this led to increased satisfaction levels as well.