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Information for PEIs and Students

Resources for Students

Students who are thinking of pursuing a course with a Private Education Institution (PEI) are encouraged to refer to these resources:


Resources for Businesses

Enhanced Registration Framework:

An education provider in Singapore must be registered as a Private Education Institution and adhere to the statutory requirements of the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), to offer the following types of education:

a) Education leading to the award of a diploma or degree;

b) Education post-secondary education leading to the award of a certificate;

c) Full-time primary or secondary education wholly or substantially in accordance with a foreign or international curriculum;

d) Full-time special education for students with physical or intellectual disabilities;

e) Full-time education for the purpose of preparing students for any examination that –

                        i.         Leads to a qualification awarded by any person other than the person which provides such full-time education; or

                       ii.         Entitles the students to be admitted to an education institution.


EduTrust Certification Scheme:

Private education institutions can apply to be certified under the EduTrust Certification Scheme. It is a quality assurance scheme which distinguishes private schools that consistently maintain a high standard of quality in the overall provision of education services and make continual improvements that lead to positive student outcomes. 


Protection of Course Fees:

Course fees paid by students are protected in the form of fee protection schemes and fee collection caps. If a PEI is unable to continue operating, the protection scheme protects the unconsumed course fees paid by students while the fee protection caps limits the amount of course fee that the PEI had collected at any one time.

More information on the Enhanced Registration Framework, EduTrust Certification Scheme and Protection of Course Fees can be found in Training Partners Gateway.