Singapore Business School offering and providing Masters Degree course is not a registered PEI with the CPE

1.     It has come to the attention of the Committee for Private Education, SkillsFuture Singapore Agency ("CPE”) that an organisation, the “Singapore Business School” (“SBS”) has been offering and providing a Masters Degree through the website, The CPE would like to inform members of public that SBS is NOT a private education institution (“PEI”) registered with the CPE.

2.     SBS had published on its website, a Unique Entity Number and the office address of another entity, Global Business School (“GBS”). However, CPE’s verification with the owner of GBS revealed that he was unaware of the existence of SBS or that GBS’ information was used by SBS.

3.     Please note that the CPE is also unable to verify the authenticity of SBS’ claims that its Masters Degree was endorsed by several associations or the existence of these associations.

4.     The CPE would like to advise members of the public who wish to undertake the Masters Degree with SBS to do so at their own risk, as SBS and its courses are not regulated by the CPE.

5.     Members of the public who wish to enrol for a private education course conducted by a registered PEI are advised to verify its registration status. The information can be found on the SkillsFuture Singapore Agency’s website,