Any Queries or Issues Regarding Your Private School? Approach Your School as the First Step

  1. Students who encounter problems with their private schools often approach the Committee for Private Education (CPE) in the first instance, without raising their concerns directly with their schools.

  2. As a first step to resolving any issue that you may have, you are advised to highlight it to your school via its feedback process. This is to provide your school with a chance to look into your enquiry, concern or suggestion, and resolve it with you. In particular, issues of administrative nature (e.g. scheduling of timetable, re-moduling and conduct of teachers) and academic nature (e.g. appeal/clarification of examination results and teaching quality of teachers) are best resolved directly with the school.

  3. Do allow your school enough time to look into the matter and respond to you. If you have raised the issue with your school and gone through its feedback channel, but still feel that your school has not acted sufficiently on your concerns, please contact us at:

Tel : (65) 6785 5785

SSG Feedback Portal: