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Ensure All Agreements with PEIs are Documented

  1. Cases of miscommunications between private education institutions (PEIs) and students have been known to lead to disputes and disagreements. In many of these cases, proving accountability has been difficult as there were no documentation or evidence to support the claims of either party. 

  2. To avoid cases of miscommunication, students are advised to ensure that agreements on important transactions such as course deferment/withdrawal, refund requests and course exemptions are in the form of written communications, e.g., emails, letters or acknowledgement slips. These should be retained by the student as they may be requested as proof in the event of a dispute. Do also note down the contact details of the PEI staff who served you. Similarly, other supporting documents such as your student contract and receipts for payments should be retained to protect your interest. 

  3. Should you require more information, please contact the Committee for Private Education at 6592 2108 or CPE_Contact@cpe.gov.sg.


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