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Essential Readings Before Enrolling in PEIs

Prospective students should conduct thorough research before making a decision on a course in a Private Education Institution (PEI) in order to protect themselves and make the right choice. There are two important documents that prospective students must read as part of the research before committing themselves to a particular course in a PEI: (i) Advisory Note to Students and (ii) Student Contract.

  1. Advisory Note to Students
    The advisory note points to important information that prospective students should read and understand or be briefed on before they sign up with a PEI. The information listed in the advisory note can be found in various resources such as the PEI’s student contract, student handbook, website, publications and notices.

  2. Student Contract
    The student contract sets out the contractual commitments of both students and PEIs. Once signed, both PEIs and students are contractually bound to the agreed terms and conditions stated inside the document.

    For example, if the refund policy in the student contract states that there will be no refund of course fees for students who voluntarily withdraw once the course has started, a student is not entitled to get any refund even if he or she attends only one class before deciding to withdraw. The student contract also contains other key information on the mutual obligations of the PEI and students on matters such as course details, fee payment schedule and other miscellaneous fees.

    The CPE requires all PEIs to sign a student contract with their students for courses which last longer than two months. Once signed, the relationship between the PEI and the student will be governed by the terms and conditions of that contract.

    It is critical that students read and understand the terms and conditions carefully before signing and committing themselves to the contract. In addition, students should retain a copy of the signed student contract and receipts issued by PEIs as these may be required as documentary proof for claims in the event contractual disputes arise.


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