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Payment of Course Fees Should be Made Directly to PEIs - Not Through a Third Party

  1. The Committee for Private Education (CPE) is aware that parents of international students may engage guardians to care for their children who are pursuing their studies in Singapore. In some cases, these parents may also have transferred part or the full amount of course fees to these third parties for onward payment to CPE-registered Private Education Institution (PEI) that their children are studying in. 

  2. The CPE would like to highlight that such third parties are not regulated by the CPE. Hence, the transferring of moneys meant for course fees to such third parties is done at your own risk.

  3. Parents are strongly advised to pay their children’s course fees directly to the PEIs where their children are enrolled in and not to any other third party. Course fees paid to PEIs are protected by several measures put in place by the CPE - these include compulsory contracts, fee collection limits and fee protection schemes. 

  4. You can check if a PEI is registered with the CPE on our website. For more information on fee collection limits and schemes to protect course fees, please refer to the CPE website on Protection of Course fees.