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Read Your Advisory Note and Student Contract

You should do thorough research before you sign up for a course with a private school. Read these two important documents as part of your research to safeguard your own interest and make the right choice:   

  1. Advisory Note to Students
    The advisory note points to important information that you should read and understand or be briefed on before you sign up with a private school. You may refer to resources such as the school’s student contract, student handbook, website, publications and notices to find the information listed in the advisory note.

  2. Student Contract
    The CPE requires all private schools and their students to sign a student contract for any course that is longer than two months. The student contract sets out the contractual commitments of both the student and the private school. Once signed, both parties will be contractually bound to the agreed terms and conditions stated in the document.

    For example, if the refund policy in your student contract states that there will be no refund of course fees once the courses has started, you will not be entitled to any refund even if you have not attended any lessons.

    The student contract also contains other key mutual obligations of the private school and the student on matters such as course details and payment terms. It is hence critical that you read and understand the terms and conditions carefully before signing and committing yourself to the contract. Do not sign the student contract if you do not agree with the terms or if the terms are different from what the agent or the school have told you. Clarify with the school.

    Retain a copy of the signed student contract as well as all receipts issued by your private school as these may serve as documentary proof in the event of a dispute.


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