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Business Management


The Business Management Workforce Skills Qualifications (BM WSQ) framework aims to cultivate versatile ‘T-shaped Professionals’ who possess deep skills in a specific domain area as well as general knowledge in areas related to business management or operations.

The BM WSQ’s comprehensive approach ensures that professionals, managers, and executives (PMEs) seeking to develop their careers further will be equipped with valuable skills to make them an asset in any workplace. Empowered with T-shaped competencies, working professionals can remain competitive globally and operate successfully in different business environments.

The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) has developed a courseware on “An Introduction to the Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act for Non-Legal Personnel” under the BM WSQ framework for data protection officers and individuals who are involved in data protection work. The two-day training based on the courseware will be delivered by a list of SSG-approved training organisations. For more information, please visit the PDPC’s website at www.pdpc.gov.sg

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To find out how companies and individuals have benefited from Leadership and People Management (LPM) and Business Management (BM) WSQ training programmes, please click here.

Modules in the Business Management Framework

The Business Management framework comprises the following modules:

Modules for Business Development (Business Negotiation)

Modules for Business Development (Sales and Marketing)

Modules for Communications

Modules for Enterprise Risk Management (Business Continuity Management)

Modules for Enterprise Risk Management (Risk Management)

Modules for Financial Management (Accounting)

Modules for Financial Management (Finance)

Modules for Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Modules for Organisational Development (Change Management)

Modules for Organisational Development (Innovation Management)

Modules for Organisational Development (Knowledge Management)

Modules for Project Management

Modules for Strategy Planning and Implementation