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Clinical Research


Clinical trials are carried out before the introduction of new drugs or treatment techniques. The number of clinical trials is expected to increase as disease patterns evolve and new drugs are developed. Singapore has built infrastructure such as the Investigational Medicine Units (for early-phase trials) and the Singapore Clinical Research Institute (for later-stage trials) to help support Singapore’s drive towards becoming a vibrant biomedical and pharmaceutical hub. Hospitals and research institutes collaborate with the world’s top medical institutes, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to develop and embark on clinical trials on new drugs and treatment techniques to combat evolving disease patterns. Supporting these efforts are clinical research staff such as clinical research associates and clinical research coordinators who help ensure that clinical trials are conducted safely and successfully.

Individuals who are interested in joining the industry can gain the right training with the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System for Clinical Research (Clinical Research WSQ). The programme covers skills needed for clinical research associates. 

The WSQ programmes train you for the skills and competencies required for job roles in the following area:

  • Clinical Research Associates

The WSQ Certifications are awarded by SkillsFuture Singapore, and recognised by Workforce Singapore and the industry.

With the roll out of the Skills Frameworks (SF) in 2016, the WSQ programmes will be progressively aligned to the SF developed for the sector.

More information about the Skills Frameworks.