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Leadership and People Management


The Leadership & People Management (LPM) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) is designed to benchmark corporate leadership capabilities and provide a leadership development roadmap for business leaders.

It enables leaders and managers to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and practices through structured and peer learning. It also allows them to gain formal recognition of their competencies through modularised competency training programmes.

There are 25 competencies that have been identified for leaders and managers at the managerial and transformational levels.

Please click hereto see the LPM WSQ Competency Map.

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To find out how companies and individuals have benefited from Leadership & People Management (LPM) and Business Management (BM) WSQ training programmes, please click here.

With the development of the 34 Skills Frameworks, all courses and qualifications are now accredited against the Skills Frameworks since 27 Jul 2020. Hence, as part of this continuous transition, the four horizontal WSQ frameworks [Business Management (BM), Employability Skills (ES), Leadership and People Management (LPM) and Service Excellence Competency Framework (SVCF)] and their Competency Standard (CSes) will cease by 31 December 2022.

In 2019, SSG undertook a review of the Generic Skills and Competencies (GSC) to formulate a total of sixteen (16) new Critical Core Skills (CCS) competencies which was launched in 2020.  These 16 CCS competencies are transferable soft skillsets that our local workforce can be equipped with, and which are valued by employers across industries. For more information on CCS, please refer to the CCS webpage.

WSQ as a national qualification would remain in place and trainees who were awarded the relevant WSQ accreditation and SOAs in the past would not be affected by the upcoming cessation of the WSQ horizontal frameworks. For trainees who are currently taking the horizontal WSQ full qualification programmes and completing them (including assessments) before 31 December 2022, will still be awarded the relevant SOAs and qualifications.

Qualifications and Courses in the Leadership & People Management Framework

WSQ Graduate Diploma in Organisational  Leadership

WSQ Specialist Diploma in Leadership & People Mangement

WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management

WSQ Advanced Certificate in Team Leadership