CTM Management School is not a registered PEI

1.    It has come to the attention of the Committee for Private Education (CPE) that a website (www.ctm.edu.sg) with the business name of CTM Management School (CTM) is marketing itself as a private school offering Diploma, Bachelor and Masters courses in Singapore.

2.    The CPE would like to inform members of the public that CTM is not a registered private education institution (PEI) with the CPE and checks show that CTM does not exist. The CPE is in contact with the registered web owners to take-down the site to avoid further public confusion.  

3.    Should members of the public encounter any marketing materials or Private Education course(s) conducted by CTM or other unregistered PEIs, they should contact the CPE immediately at 6512 1140 or via email at CPE_Contact@cpe.gov.sg

4.    Members of the public who wish to enrol for a private education course (degree, diploma or full-time* course) conducted by a PEI are advised to always check on its registration status. An up-to-date list of registered PEIs and their lists of permitted course(s) can be found on the CPE’s website.


* A full-time course is one that is run for at least one month for 5 days a week and at least 3 hours each day.